Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program Performance Audit


~~“Program’s goal is to assist clients find employment
The Program’s goal is to help clients with disabilities obtain competitive integrated employment where they receive the
same wages, benefits, and opportunities for advancement, and have the same interaction with customers as employees
who are not disabled. Federal grant monies generally cover 78.7 percent of the costs of vocational rehabilitation programs,
and the states cover the remaining costs. The Department’s fiscal year 2017 program expenditures are estimated to
total nearly $137.9 million with administrative expenditures accounting for more than $39.6 million of this amount. The
Department’s program counselors help each eligible client develop their own employment plan, which includes the types
of rehabilitative services the client needs to achieve the employment goal. Services include educational, medical, and
work assessments; job search and placement assistance; vocational and other training; and technological equipment or
services, such as captioned videos or vehicle modifications.”

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