Arkansas Governor’s Developmental Disability Council Funding


~~“The Council is a federally funded, self-governing organization charged with identifying the most pressing needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our state. Council members and staff are committed to advancing public policy and systems change that help these individuals gain more control over their lives. Arkansas’ Council consists of twenty-three members who are appointed by the Governor. Members include individuals with developmental disabilities, family members of individuals with developmental disabilities, directors of state agencies that serve people with disabilities, and representatives from nonprofit and private organizations that provide services and supports for people with disabilities.
The Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities does not provide direct services.  The Council works to improve the independence and productivity of Arkansans with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to ensure their integration and inclusion into the community. Administrative staff provides referrals to service providers and printed materials upon request. Outreach is a very important part of the Council’s work. The Council supports the Arkansas DD network, advocates, and in some cases, service providers across the state. Through its grants program, the Council funds programs that help foster personal independence, enhance educational opportunities, improve access to family supports and services and increase employment opportunities available to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities across our state.”
State Policies & Initiatives: 
  • Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Customized Employment
  • Cross-Agency Collaboration / Partnerships
Date Enacted: