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“Money Follows the Person

What is the Money Follows the Person program?

Money Follows the Person (MFP) is a federal program that helps Medicaid-eligible people ─ the elderly, adults with physical and developmental disabilities, and adults with mental illnesses ─ currently living in long-term care facilities; such as nursing homes, and other qualified institutions, transition back into to the community and receive home and community-based services.

Am I eligible?

To participate in the program, you must be eligible for Medicaid for at least one day and living in a long-term care setting for at least 90 consective days.

How does the money follow me?

We will assign an Intense Transition Manager (ITM) to work with you to decide where you will live and develop a plan to transition to the setting of your choice. If you do not have an existing home, or family arrangements are unavailable, the ITM will have a list of available housing options from which you may choose.

What does MFP pay for?

MFP pays for your care in the community as well as various expenses that come when a person moves into a more independent situation. Based on your circumstances and needs, you may be eligible to receive help with home modifications, rental deposit, and utility deposits along with one-time setup costs for a new apartment.”

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