California CIE: Blueprint for Change


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~~“The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), California Department of Education (CDE),  and California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) have entered into a new agreement consistent with the State’s “Employment First” policy and other laws to make employment in an integrated setting, at a competitive wage, for individuals with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities (ID/DD) its highest priority. .
The California Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) Blueprint is the combined effort of the CDE, DOR and DDS, in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders including Disability Rights of California (DRC), with leadership provided by the California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS). The purpose of the Blueprint is to increase opportunities for Californians with ID/DD to prepare for and participate in CIE.”

  • Department of Rehabilitation Services
  • Department of Education
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  • Cross-Agency Collaboration / Partnerships
  • Department of Developmental Services
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