Charting a Course for the Future - A Transition Toolkit


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~~In order to improve outcomes for youth with disabilities, transition services requirements were included in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA P.L. 101-476).  The basic purpose of including transition components in the legislation is to better prepare students with disabilities to gain access to the supports and services necessary to reach their desired outcomes and become as independent as possible. The transition planning process should promote successful movement from school to post-secondary education and training, employment, independent living, and community participation based on students’ preferences, interests, abilities and needs.

The transition services requirements of IDEA provide opportunities to:
•Help students and families think about the future and consider what they want to do after high school;
•Plan how to make the high school experience most relevant to the student’s desired outcomes; and
•Help students and families make connections to supports and services they may need after high school.

The process of planning and providing transition services based on individual student needs may be challenging in our complicated systems of education with limited resources.

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