“Employment and Other Day Service Options”


~~“DDS Funded Day Services:
SUPP0RTED EMPLOYMENT - These include supports to help individuals work as a paid employee in work settings that also employ people without disabilities. These services assist individuals find and apply for jobs, and offer job coaching support to people once work is secured. This service includes individual and group supported employment. This service is designed to provide support and supervision but is not intended to provide ongoing long term 1:1 support to help a person complete their work activities.
GROUP EMPLOYMENT - These include sheltered workshops and day support options. These services are provided in a facility-based program that focuses on developing meaningful skills in the area of work, socialization and community participation.
INDIVIDUAL DAY - This waiver service includes individually tailored supports that help consumers gain or maintain skills to participate more fully and productively in work, leisure or community activities. This may include the development of independent functioning skills, relationship skills, exploring job interests or retirement programs. It can also provide funds for staff supports for individuals who have their own businesses.”

State Policies & Initiatives: 
  • Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)
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