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“Employment Services are integral to the DMHAS’ goal of offering a recovery-oriented system of care for persons in recovery who experience behavioral health conditions. One of the first significant steps to be taken in this direction is to ensure that all DMHAS consumers have both the necessary opportunities and supports to become involved in meaningful activities of their choice as well as to contribute to the broader community. Individuals with behavioral health conditions consistently express their desire for employment.  From the recovery perspective, meaningful employment has been shown to promote recovery from psychiatric and addiction disorders and to facilitate improvements in diverse domains from symptom relief to successful community integration.

Currently, DMHAS funds 33 agencies across Connecticut to provide a broad menu of employment and education services. While employment strategies must be tailored to meet individual needs, agencies generally offer a range of services including career planning, job search assistance, job placement, on- and off-the-job coaching, and career advancement services. Over 4000 persons per year are assisted in finding and keeping employment through the DMHAS system."

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