GUIDE TO SERVICES For Older Delawareans and Persons with Disabilities


~~“The Guide to Services for Older Delawareans and Persons with Disabilities contains a wealth of information about services and programs around our state. The guide is organized into numerous sections, each of which provides information on a specific subject, such as a type of service or program. Most sections contain a short description of the service and a list of service providers along with their contact information. The sections are presented in alphabetical order, starting with accessibility and ending with Volunteerism. A full list of subjects can
be found in the Table of Contents at the beginning of the guide. To find information about a specific service provider or resource, such as a senior center or a home care agency, you can look in the Index at the end of the guide. The index lists the organizations
and resources included in the guide and the page number(s) where you can find information about them.” 

State Policies & Initiatives: 
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  • Delaware’s Aging and Disability Resource Center
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