Junior Partners in Policymaking


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~~“Junior Partners in Policymaking™ is an exciting summer program for young adults ages 15 to 22. It is held at Dela-ware State University, where the par-ticipants live and learn for five nights and six days.
During the day, participants are enrolled in fun, exploratory and hands-on classes to encourage leadership and self-advocacy. In the evenings, our young leaders have many opportuni-ties to get together to enjoy activities and entertainment.

We hope you will join us for this unique week of wonderful activities that concludes with a trip to Legislative Hall in Dover. Participants will meet with legislators and use the advocacy skills learned and practiced earlier in the week. Certificates of par-ticipation, which can be added to your resume or college application, will be distributed at our farewell luncheon after the Legislative Hall visit”

  • Department of Education
  • School-to-Work Transition
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