PIPEline to Career Success for SWD 1 PIPEline to Career Success for Students with Disabilities


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~~“A collaboration of Delaware state agencies and national organizations that serve SWD will modify a proven change process to increase positive educational and employment outcomes for SWD to address these disparities. The National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity’s (NAPE) Program Improvement Process for Equity™ (PIPE) has been successfully implemented with school districts across the country to close gender gaps in CTE career pathways leading to nontraditional career fields. PIPE engages teams of educators, community members, and other stakeholders to: use data to conduct a performance and participation gap analysis; learn about the research literature on root causes for these gaps; conduct action research to identify the root causes in play at their institution; select and implement an aligned intervention that directly addresses the identified root causes; and evaluate their success.” 

  • Department of Education
  • School-to-Work Transition
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