Florida Employment First Interagency Agreement


State Policies & Initiatives: 

The general purpose of this interagency cooperative agreement is to provide a framework for a long-term commitment to improving employment outcomes for persons with disabilities in the State of Florida.  The agencies and organizations that are parties to this agreement are fully committed to working together to improve the number and percentage of growth in competitive employment for individuals with disabilities.  For the purpose of this agreement and as defined in Executive Order 12-284, “employment” is define as integrated employment, including supported employment, customize employment, and self-employment where an individual is paid by an employer at minimum wage or greater or receives earnings through one’s self-employment business…

  • Department of Rehabilitation Services
  • Department of Mental Health
  • Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Department of Workforce Development
  • Department of Education
  • Customized Employment
  • Self-Employment
  • Cross-Agency Collaboration / Partnerships
Date Enacted: