Disability Rights Florida 2016 Annual Report


~~“Work centers (formerly known as sheltered workshops) employ adults with disabilities in segregated settings.
Disability Rights Florida wanted to ensure that these adults were given opportunities to learn marketable
skills and work in integrated settings in the community. Advocates have visited 43 of the 77 work centers
included on the list from the Department of Labor within the state of Florida and interviewed participants
and employers. The goal was to not only monitor what was occurring in the work centers, but to take the
opportunity to educate the participants and employers about opportunities for services through the Division
of Vocational Rehabilitation and opportunities to transition into integrated community workplaces. It is
important to make sure these adults are given opportunities to enhance themselves and integrate into their
communities while attending the work centers. Disability Rights Florida hopes that, by monitoring the work
centers, people with disabilities will have greater opportunity to enhance their employability, independence,
and increase opportunities for competitive integrated employment.”

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  • Segregated Day & Employment Services
  • Disability Rights Florida
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