Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities “Partners in Policymaking will Change your Life”


State Policies & Initiatives: 
Training/Capacity Building

“Partners in Policymaking is a leadership-training program for self-advocates and parents of children with developmental disabilities. It provides state-of-the-art information about disability issues and builds the competencies necessary to become advocates who can effectively influence system change. The Florida Developmental Disability Council is currently seeking applicants who either have a developmental disability or who are parents of children with disabilities to participate in the program. Applications for the class of 2016 can be found at http://www.fddc.org/about/partners-in-policymaking or by contacting Stacey Hoaglund at 954-252-8764 or via email shoaglundpartner@gmail.com. This program is designed to provide information, training, and skill building so those who participate may obtain the most appropriate services possible for themselves and others. Application deadline is July 1, 2016.”

  • Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
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  • Asset Development / Financial Capability
  • Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities
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