Process Updates: Requests for Corrective Action Plans


~~“This communication impacts all Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) providers, including Certified Family Homes (CFH), Residential Assisted Living Facilities (RALF), Adult Day Health (ADH), Developmental Disability Agencies (DDA), Supported-Living providers, Personal Care Services (PCS), Supported Employment, and any other entity providing HCBS.

 Any time a Medicaid provider is found to be in violation of IDAPA rules and requirements, they may be asked to complete a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) explaining how the violation will be corrected and prevented in the future.  Previously, each program providing oversight to the various provider types had their own process related to CAPs.”


State Policies & Initiatives: 
Medicaid & Employment
  • Medicaid Agencies
  • Other
  • Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)
  • Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Date Enacted: