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~~“In 2014, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Mental Health Services funded a national initiative called, Transforming Lives through Supported Employment (SM-14-011). The purpose of this program is to enhance state capacity to expand evidence-based supported employment programs for adults with mental illnesses. Supported employment provides participants with opportunities to contribute to their communities through competitive employment. Research shows that supported employment helps people achieve and sustain mental health recovery.

As a participating state, Illinois has been called upon to expand supported employment services throughout the state, while increasing competitive employment among people in mental health recovery. To achieve these goals, Illinois is expanding its use of an evidence-based model called Individual Placement and Support or IPS. In multiple rigorous studies, IPS has proven successful in helping people with mental illnesses become and stay employed, through a combination of vocational, clinical, and peer supports. Two robust IPS programs are serving as evaluation sites for this CMHS-funded initiative in Illinois: Thresholds Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centers and Trilogy Behavioral Healthcare, Incorporated (see Illinois Project Sites to learn more).”

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