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~~How will accommodations be provided for students with disabilities (e.g., IEPs and 504 plans)?
The student’s IEP must include appropriate accommodations and related services and supplementary aids and services to help the student meet all Pathway requirements, including the Employability Skills experiences. During a student’s case conference, the IEP team must consider accommodations and supports that might be unique to a Pathway experience. Case conferences need to discuss accommodations necessary for students to complete out of
classroom and/or off-site opportunities, as well as those that may occur outside of the school day, identifying the requisite     accommodations and supports to assist  
the student in meeting the Pathway requirements.
Accommodations need to be offered, regardless of when or where the opportunity occurs. The student’s four-year plan and transition IEP should align with the student’s Employability Skills experience. Per Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, there must be equal opportunity of a qualified person with a disability to participate in or benefit from educational aid, benefits, or services. There must be equal access for all students.  Students cannot be counseled toward one Employability Skills experience over the other due to disability, per Section 504.”

  • Department of Education
  • School-to-Work Transition
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