Indiana Government “Guidelines for Disclosure ”


“When an individual discloses, he or she is intentionally releasing personal information about him or herself for a specific purpose. Some personal information, such as one’s Social Security number, banking records, or medical records may be important to keep confidential. It is important to keep in mind that the decision to disclose is a personal one and should be helpful to the individual. Remember that it is not essential that a person with a disability divulge all personal information about his or her disability. What is most important and helpful is to provide information about how his or her disability affects his or her capacity to learn and perform effectively, and the environment, supports, and services he or she will need in order to access, participate in, and excel in his or her job, studies, and community. The person with a disability must decide what and how much of this sensitive information is necessary to reveal in order to obtain the needed accommodations.”

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