What is Employment First?


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~~“Employment First is a movement to deliver meaningful employment, fair wages, and career advancement for people with disabilities. How did Employment First come to be? What is the Great Debate around the Shift from Sheltered Workshops to Competitive Integrated Employment?
The Iowa APSE Chapter was formed to improve and expand integrated employment services and outcomes through supported employment for persons with disabilities. Supported Employment (SE) enables people with disabilities who have not been successfully employed to work and contribute to society. SE focuses on a person’s abilities and provides the supports the individual needs to be successful on a long-term basis.

It allows people experiencing disabilities, their families, businesses, and their communities to experience the successes of people with disabilities. The partnership that SE has established between individuals experiencing disabilities and their communities is having a lasting impact on the way the public perceives people with disabilities. SE affords the public the opportunity to see the person for who they are rather than seeing the disability.”

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