Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services “Crisis and Exception Policy”


~~“Transitions to the I/DD Waiver
The  following  HCBS  programs  shall  transition  to  HCBS  IDD wavier program  if  they  meet HCBS IDD functional eligibility:
1. Person is determined no longer eligible for the TA, Autism, or TBI waiver program.
2. The respective program manager sends NOA to person of their ineligibility.  The  IDD  waiver  program  manager, the MCO, and  DCF  for  persons  in  the  custody  of  DCF are emailed a copy of the NOA.
3. The IDD waiver program manager coordinates with CDDO to determine if person is eligible to transition to IDD waiver program. 
4. If a person is eligible for the IDD waiver program, a functional assessment is scheduled if current assessment is more than 365 days old.
5. Upon  completion  of  functional  assessment  the  CDDO  will  notify  the  IDD  program
manager and the MCO of the functional eligibility determination. 
6. Upon  functional  eligibility  determination,  the  IDD  waiver program  manager  sends the NOA  of  approval  for  IDD  waiver  program to  the  person. For  children  in  the custody  of  the  Secretary  of  the  Kansas  Department  for  Children  and  Families,  the NOA shall also be forwarded to DCF.
7. 3160 sent to CDDO KDHE Clearinghouse and MCO.I/DD services must begin within forty-five (45) days of issuances of the 3160.

State Policies & Initiatives: 
Medicaid & Employment
  • Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)
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