“State agency requests $200 million to shorten wait for Medicaid disability services”


~~“The Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services on Wednesday requested $90 million from the state general fund to shorten wait times for Medicaid recipients who need services for physical or intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Overall, the agency requested a boost of $150 million in state general fund money over the next two budget years with most of that falling in the fiscal year running from July 2018 through June 2019. It also requested another $110 million in non-general funds to reduce wait lists….

The funding request would take aim at long wait times endured by Medicaid recipients who need home and community-based support services for their physical, intellectual or developmental disabilities…..

KDADS’ total funding from the state general fund amounts to $744.4 million and $898.8 million in the next two fiscal years, according to their budget proposal. The request would boost that funding in the second year by 10 percent.”

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