Kansas Department of Health and Environment CESP


“Certification of Employment Services Professionals - KDHE funded the provision of the Certified Employment Services Professional (CESP) in two locations during 2012. The CESP is a newly developed credential governed by the APSE Employment Services Professional Certification Council (ESPCC). Individuals who earn the CESP credential have demonstrated knowledge of the facilitation, and advocacy skills necessary to help establish and expand equitable employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. 64 people took the exam; 54 passed it. According to APSE, the number of candidates who sat for the exam in Kansas was double the number of candidates who sat for the initial administration of the exam by APSE during December 2011, and was the largest candidate sponsorship by any state since the inception of the exam in 2011 (See Appendix C, 2012 Employment Initiatives).” 

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  • Employer Engagement
  • Association for People Supporting Employment First
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