Gov. Bevin Unveils Final Report of Kentucky Work Matters Task Force and Signs Employment First Executive Order


~~“During today’s ceremony Gov. Bevin signed the Employment First executive order, recognizing that competitive integrated employment into the general workforce is the preferred outcome for citizens of all ages and levels of disability. He also announced formation of the Employment First Council to continue momentum on targeted areas of the task force’s report.

Highlights of the policy recommendations made by the Kentucky Work Matters Task Force include:
•Streamlining occupational licensing for veterans to ensure they are given credit for similar training/experience they received in the military or in another state. (The recently enacted House Bill 319 will expedite occupational licensing for Kentucky veterans.)
•Capitalizing on opportunities for the state to serve as model employer. (The Commonwealth is currently transitioning management of two large state cafeterias to the Kentucky Office for the Blind (OFB), providing job opportunities for the visually impaired.)
•Increasing resources for the Fostering Success program, which provides job opportunities for youth aging out of the foster care system. (This year’s state budget included an increase of $375,000 per year to expand this program.)
•Increasing general fund allocations to the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) and Office for the Blind (OFB) to draw down full available federal match. (This year’s state budget increased total funding by more than $9 million for OVR and OFB, which will serve approximately 6,500 more clients.)
•Partnering with school systems to ensure that students with disabilities are included in career readiness and development programs.”

“Promoting inclusive workforce policies requires coordination at all levels of government, with states having critical knowledge of economic and employment realities on the ground,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for Disability Employment Policy Jennifer Sheehy. “We appreciate Gov. Bevin’s leadership on this issue and continue to encourage states to share their experience and insight.”

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  • School-to-Work Transition
  • Cross-Agency Collaboration / Partnerships
  • Governor of Kentucky, Office for the Blind
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