Kentucky Assistive Technology Services Network


State Policies & Initiatives: 


~The KATS Network is one of 56 statewide assistive technology programs federally funded under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998, as ammended in 2004.

The KATS Network’s mission is to make assistive technology (AT) information, devices and services easily obtainable for people of any age and/or disability. AT is any item or piece of equipment (both low-tech and high-tech) used to improve and/or maintain independence in the home, at work, school or play.

KATS Network Overview and ATRC Contact Information

Services we provide

The KATS Network provides access to AT through a network of five (5) Regional AT Resource Centers (ATRCs) across the state. The Regional ATRCs operate AT demonstration programs, lending libraries and AT reutilization programs. The KATS Network Coordinating Center and each of the ATRCs work cooperatively to provide outreach, information & referral services, and training on various AT topics. Technical Assistance and collaboration is also provided to state agencies and organizations to enhance the understanding of and access to AT and accessible information technology (IT).

  • Department of Rehabilitation Services
  • Cross-Agency Collaboration / Partnerships
  • Resource Leveraging