OCDD Resource Center


State Policies & Initiatives: 
Training/Capacity Building

~~“The vision of the OCDD Resource Center is to partner with community providers and professionals to offer quality supports and to build a natural community support network for individuals with complex needs, life threatening conditions, and those who pose greater risk to public safety.
Programs developed by the OCDD Resource Center are guided by OCDD Values and Guiding Principles.
The goal of the OCDD Resource Center is to have a broad impact in the DD Service System and Louisiana local communities with the following outcomes:
• Improved health and behavioral health outcomes for DD service recipients
• Broader availability and accessing of natural support networks in local communities
• Greater ability of community providers and professionals to support individuals with complex needs
• Use of technology and innovative treatments that lead to improved support options and greater independence for recipients
• Local access to innovation and technical assistance”

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  • Provider Transformation
  • Louisiana Department of Health
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