Christy Dorr v. Woodlands Senior Living of Brewer, LLC


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“After a three-day trial, a jury determined that in terminating Plaintiff’s employment, Defendant discriminated against Plaintiff because of a disability, and that Defendant interfered with Plaintiff’s right to take family medical leave. (Jury Verdict, ECF No. 102.) The jury declined to award Plaintiff damages on the discrimination claim, but awarded Plaintiff $15,000 in back pay on the family medical leave claim. The matter is before the Court on Plaintiff’s Motion for Supplemental Relief, through which motion Plaintiff requests reinstatement, certain injunctive relief regarding Defendant’s policies and Plaintiff’s employment records, and the award of nominal and liquidated damages together with interest. (Motion, ECF No. 104.) After consideration of the parties’ arguments and the record evidence, the Court grants in part and denies in part Plaintiff’s motion. The Court also directs the entry of judgment in accordance with the jury’s verdict and the findings herein.”

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  • 14(c)/Income Security
  • Maine Supreme Judicial Court
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