“Proficiency Diplomas Guidance for Students with Disabilities”


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~~“Question: In the law it states “maintains the integrity of the standards as specified in the IEP”. Clarification: the IEP can define the performance tasks and accommodations, but not articulate the standards, correct?
Answer: Correct. The IEP cannot change the complexity of the thinking or the conceptual understandings or skill level the standards are requiring for the proficiency- based diploma. We recognize there are times when a child’s performance may not be at the high school level. In these cases, the IEP is written at the present level of performance to honor where the child is functioning and articulates the accommodations and methods for gaining and demonstrating proficiency (e.g., pathways, types of evidence) with the intent to continue to support growth towards proficiency at the high school level. This intent recognizes the growth in complexity and conceptual understandings within the progression of learning from elementary standards, to middle school standards, to high school standards and recognizes students will need the opportunity to learn and demonstrate proficiency in the earlier grade spans before they are ready to learn and demonstrate proficiency of the high school standards.”

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