Maryland Coalition of Families for Children’s Mental Health


"Incorporated in 1999 as a private, nonprofit organization, MCF is Maryland’s statewide family network organization, a designation from the federal Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). MCF changed its name from "Maryland Coalition of Families for Children’s Mental Health" to the "Maryland Coalition of Families" in 2016. MCF is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of at least 51% adult caregivers of a child or adolescent with a diagnosable emotional or behavioral disability. All of our family support staff are parents who have cared for a child with behavioral health needs and have been trained to help other families."
State Policies & Initiatives: 
  • Department of Rehabilitation Services
  • Department of Mental Health
  • Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Department of Workforce Development
  • Department of Education
  • Other
  • School-to-Work Transition
  • Cross-Agency Collaboration / Partnerships
  • Maryland Coalition of Families