A Review of Promising Practices in Maryland’s WIOA State Plan: Maryland’s Implementation of Section 511


State Policies & Initiatives: 

Summary of Actions Taken by Maryland to Implement Section 511

● Maryland built initiatives targeted at Section 511 Compliance into their WIOA State Plan, all designed to bring together key partners such as DORS and DD Councils.

● Maryland’s coalitions and initiatives, such as the Governor’s Transitioning Youth Initiative and its Interagency Transition Council for Youth with Disabilities, promote coordination of pre-employment transition services.

● Maryland has a strong focus on networking with State and local businesses to improve employment outcomes, which can be seen through its robust apprenticeship programs and the integration of the work of DORS’ Business Services Branch into the WIOA State Plan. 

● Passage and implementation of the Ken Capone Equal Employment Act is moving the state forward in closing sheltered workshops, eliminating the payment of subminimum wages, and coordinating services across systems.

● Maryland DORS is developing new policies and procedures that will help the state deliver career counseling required by Section 511.

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