Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs Annual Report


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“According to the most recent USDVA data projections (FY2019), there were an estimated 371,000 veterans living in Maryland. To help address the challenges facing Maryland Veterans as they retire or return home from military service the Department continues to provide safety nets, wherever possible, to enhance services provided by the USDVA and the U.S. Department of Defense…

In Fiscal Year 2019, The Service Program submitted 4,917 disability compensation and pension claims for adjudication to the USDVA. Maryland veterans received almost $34 million dollars in new/increased and one-time monthly cash benefits with support from this program. Charlotte Hall Veterans Home continues to provide quality assisted living and skilled nursing services to our aging and disabled veterans, along with eligible spouses. Their most recent 2019 year to date census reached 88% capacity. This year the Maryland Veterans Trust Fund distributed over $126,000 in grants to Maryland veterans and eligible dependents.”

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