MD Developmental Disabilities Administration Position Statement on Employment Services


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"In 2008, the Developmental Disabilities Administration’s (DDA) engaged stakeholders in an intensive strategic planning process, including planning to improve employment outcomes for people with developmental disabilities in Maryland. The following position statement is in support of the DDA’s broader values, mission and vision and is a product of the strategic planning process.

  • Commitment: The DDA believes that all people with developmental disabilities CAN work, and contribute to their community, when given opportunity, training, and supports that build on their strengths.
  • Position Statement: Employment will be the “first” option considered for all people of working age who receive DDA services.
  • Vision: Every Marylander maximizes his/her career potential and employers have access to the human resources they need to be successful."
  • Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Employer Engagement