Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Local Integrated Plan 2016-2020 (2019 Update)


State Policies & Initiatives: 
Policies and Programs

~~“The Prince George’s County Local Workforce Development Board (WDB) is the responsible entity for policydevelopment and workforce activities related to administering services and programs funded by the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act of 2014. The WDB is the link between job seekers looking to begin or change careers and businesses looking for skilled workers to maintain their productivity and competitiveness in a changing labor market.

This plan, updated in 2019, describes the mission, vision, goals and strategies the WDB will implement through 2020 to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Prince George's County Public Workforce System, support the work of the WDB’s partners, and align with the Governors State WIOA Plan. Additionally, this plan outlines the programs and initiatives the WDB has supported and intends to employ, through competitively procured operators, service providers and partners operating the Prince George’s County Public Workforce System.”

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