Maryland PROMISE


“Maryland PROMISE provides enhanced and coordinated services and supports to Maryland youth between the ages 14 -16 who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits…


The primary goal of the state initiative is to assist youth recipients achieve better post-school outcomes, including graduating from high school ready for college and a career, completing post-secondary education and job training, and obtaining competitive employment in an integrated setting. The underlying premise of Maryland PROMISE is that improved coordination between services can improve outcomes for youth on SSI and their families. Maryland PROMISE’s goals include improving the life outcomes of youth on SSI and decreasing their reliance on the program, as well as reducing the federal government’s cost.


The state of Maryland is one of six grantees to receive 5–year funding from the U.S. Department of Education to develop, implement, and evaluate a service model that promotes positive outcomes for children who receive SSI. The study, called MD PROMISE (Promoting the Readiness of Minors in Supplemental Security Income) recruited 2,000 eligible youth and families to participate in the study. Half of those youth enrolled receive services to help them achieve better outcomes. A comparison will be made between the group receiving enhanced PROMISE services and those who receive the typical services within their communities. The U.S. Department of Education and its federal PROMISE partners intend to use the findings and results from Maryland and the other grantees to inform public policy and to build an evidence base for improving post-secondary education and employment outcomes of child SSI recipients and their families.”

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