Montgomery County, MD Customized Employment Intern Project (MCPIP)


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An example of a successful County program serving individuals with significant disabilities is the Montgomery County Customized Employment Public Intern Project (MCPIP). Created in 2007, MCPIP provides flexible employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities to fulfill the work requirements of County departments. Department representatives work with a customized employment career specialist to identify and create part-time positions based on a department’s workforce needs. 

MCPIP participants serve as paid interns in department positions based on their individual job interests, skills and competencies. MCPIP interns gain valuable work experience by developing on-the-job skills to help them compete for County merit positions or opportunities in other organizations

Maryland’s Montgomery County government has adopted a policy to create internships for career seekers with significant disabilities, based on a Customized Employment (CE) strategy. This demand-driven CE policy creates the position for a CE Specialist at TransCen, Inc., a local workforce development intermediary, to conduct an analysis of a department’s need within the Montgomery County government.

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