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~~“Agency leaders, including the agency executive director, must understand the basic principles of this approach so they can organize agency services to support the evidence-based practice. For example, leaders should know that IPS specialists help people search for regular (competitive) jobs as soon as youth express interest, and that any person who wants to pursue a career is eligible for IPS services. Administrators who know about the practice avoid developing work readiness programs because they understand that using a stepwise approach to employment is counter to IPS practice principles. Agency leaders can learn about IPS by attending IPS training with their staff. Doing so communicates to practitioners that helping people with careers is important. Another way to learn about IPS is to read this manual or a book titled Individual Placement and Support: An Evidence-based Approach to Supported Employment by Drake, Bond, and Becker, published by Oxford Press. Additional information about IPS supported employment is at www.ipsworks.org  “.

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