House Resolution No. 170


State Policies & Initiatives: 

“A resolution to declare October 2017 as Disability Employment Awareness Month in the state of Michigan

Whereas, It has been more than 70 years since Congress designated a week in October, which has culminated into National Disability Employment Awareness Month with the 2017 theme being ‘Employment First for Michigan’; and

Whereas, Every person should be seen for their ability and not disability with valuable strengths and the potential to make important contributions to their local communities; and

Whereas, By promoting opportunities for all citizens with disabilities in Michigan, gaining individual integrated employment, and engaging businesses to value the contributions that employees with disabilities bring to their organization, we will enhance the employment landscape and enable Michigan to compete with other states to bring in high-demand businesses and jobs; and

Whereas, Disability Employment Awareness Month is an appropriate time to recognize Michigan’s employment accomplishments concerning persons with disabilities in integrated environments and to make sure all of Michigan’s citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities are included;


Resolved by the House of Representatives, That the members of this legislative body declare October 2017 as Disability Employment Awareness Month in the state of Michigan.”


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