Fiscal Year 2017 Monitoring Report on the Michigan Rehabilitation Services Vocational Rehabilitation and Supported Employment Programs


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Policies and Programs

~~“Through implementation of this focus area, RSA assessed the achievement of quality employment outcomes by individuals with disabilities served in the VR program by conducting an in-depth and integrated analysis of core VR program data and review of individual case service records. The analysis represents a broad overview of the VR program administered by MRS and includes employment outcomes in competitive integrated employment and supported employment.  The data generally measure performance based on individuals who exited the VR program during the most recently completed three-year period for which data are available. Consequently, the tables do not provide complete information that could otherwise be derived from examining open service records. The analysis includes the number of individuals participating in the various stages of the VR process; the number and quality of employment outcomes; the services provided to eligible individuals; the types of disabilities experienced by individuals receiving services; and the amount of time individuals are engaged in the various stages of the VR process, including eligibility determination, development of IPE, and the provision of services. RSA also reviewed policies and procedures related to internal controls necessary for the verification of data and compared the performance of MRS with that of all VR agencies of similar type (i.e., general agencies).”

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