Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service Special Education Manual Transition Chapter 10


State Policies & Initiatives: 
Policies and Programs

~"Transition services" are meant to provide the necessary linkages between school services and post-school services. This includes linkages with other community or state agencies that may have  a  responsibility  to  provide  services  for  students.  Transition  services  are  also  meant  to provide the necessary educational experiences so that students with disabilities do not drop out of school  prior  to  completing  a  program  that  will  help  prepare  students  to  work  and  live  in  the community. 

The IEP for each student, beginning no later than age 16 (the IEPT can determine that transition services are needed at a younger age), should include appropriate measurable postsecondary goals  based  upon  age-appropriate  transition  assessments  related  to  training,  education, employment, and, where appropriate, independent living skills, and a statement of the transition service needs of the student, updated annually, when recording the student's course of study 34 CFR 300.320(b)."

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