“Connect 700” State Hiring Initiative


“Joined by community advocates and state hiring leaders, Governor Mark Dayton today announced the re-launch of the Connect 700 and the Supported Worker programs, two state hiring initiatives aimed at removing barriers and creating opportunities for Minnesotans with disabilities. This effort supports Governor Dayton’s 2014 executive order directing state agencies to increase employment for people with disabilities to at least seven percent by August 2018.” ““State government should reflect all of the people it serves. They should include Minnesotans with disabilities,” said Governor Dayton. “These programs will provide employment opportunities for more of our citizens, and help to create a more inclusive Minnesota.” Connect 700 (formerly known as 700-Hour Program On-The-Job Demonstration and Appointment) will give Minnesotans with disabilities an opportunity to demonstrate their ability through an on-the job trial work experience, lasting up to 700 hours. This gives hiring managers the ability to better match people with the best opportunities for success, based on their skills and abilities.”

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