Programs that Support Work: The Details


“Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services can provide you with a wide variety of counseling, training, job skills, and job placement services.


They can help you get the training or other services that you need to return to work, to enter a new line of work, or to enter the workforce for the first time.


The services they provide are carefully chosen to match your individual needs. You and your counselor will work together closely to set goals and then develop a plan to help you reach them.



Eligibility for Vocational Rehabilitation Services is based mostly on whether you have a physical or mental disability that makes it difficult to prepare for, get, or keep work.


Under the Ticket to Work Program, adults aged 18 – 64 who get SSI or SSDI due to a disability are automatically eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation services.


Minnesota Rehabilitation Services sometimes does not have enough resources to provide services to every person who is eligible to get them. People who have the most severe disabilities will get services first.”

State Policies & Initiatives: 
  • Department of Rehabilitation Services
  • Customized Employment
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