Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)


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"The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act recommended that VRBS serve high school youth with disabilities much earlier than before with a new set of services called Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS).  Perhaps the most amazing characteristic of Pre-ETS is its collaboration between high schools and VRBS.  The WIOA wants schools and VRBS to work together to deliver Pre-ETS within the educational setting.  The change is relatively radical for VRBS because our model of service is one based on serving individuals through a vocational plan. VRBS still delivers those case services, but we now emphasize the delivery of Pre-ETS in the school setting.  The case services work in conjunction with the school’s transition services and are based on individual need.  In fact, high school students with disabilities do not have to be VRBS clients.  Pre-ETS are open to all students with disabilities, even those who have no intention of applying to VRBS.  Pre-Employment Transition Services are available to student with disabilities ages 14-21 who are in high school, college, or another recognized education program.

With this in mind any paid work opportunities for students must be in a competitive and integrated setting. Internships, unpaid work experiences, job shadowing and volunteer experiences must also be in an integrated setting."

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