Montana National Federation of the Blind 2013 Resolutions


“WHEREAS, Section 511 links the Rehabilitation Act, which was established to assist people with disabilities in obtaining competitive integrated employment, with Section 14(C) of the FLSA, which is based on the false premise that people with disabilities cannot be competitively employed and therefore can be paid subminimum wages; and

WHEREAS, The language of Section 511 is only contained in the Senate version of the bill, S. 1356, and not in the House version: NOW THEREFORE,

BE IT RESOLVED by the National Federation of the Blind of Montana in convention assembled this Twenty-seventh Day of October, 2013, in the city of Billings, Montana, that this organization calls on its United States Senators, The Honorable Max Baucus and The Honorable Jon Tester, to support fair wages for all American workers by actively working for the removal of > Title V, Section 511 from S. 1356 before its passage by the United States Senate, and 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we call on our entire Montana Congressional Delegation to cosponsor the Fair Wages for Workers with Disabilities Act of  2013.”

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  • 14(c)/Income Security
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