2019 CMS Navigator Cooperative Agreement Recipient


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~~“First Choice Services was awarded a statewide 2019 CMS Navigator Cooperative Agreement serving “Left behind” populations; small business owners; self-employed individuals; part time workers in food service and retail occupations; consumers of mental health and substance abuse treatment services; recently unemployed individuals and their families who have lost healthcare coverage.  There are no Sub-awardee/Subrecipient Contracted Organizations. They will partner with Consumers of behavioral health services, Comprehensive behavioral health centers, Substance Abuse Prevention providers, Children’s services providers, Intimate partner service organizations, Agencies/people who serve pregnant women, Veteran’s service organizations, The disability community, Federally Qualified Health Centers, Rural Hospitals, Community Service Organizations, Faith-Based Organizations, Post-secondary Educational Institutions, Economic Development Authorities, and Chambers of Commerce.  For more information, please contact the designated project lead.
Kay Goff
Phone: (304) 400-4802
Email: kay@1stchs.com

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