MT INVEST Employment Specialist Training


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Training/Capacity Building

Many of us know somebody that has a disability. Individuals with disabilities can face additional challenges to obtaining and retaining good jobs. To create an opportunity for that person to be most successful, there are several activities and/or steps to identify employment options that are a good match to the person’s skills, interests, and workplace preference (likes quiet or likes noise and activity for example). The curriculum and testing will help learners develop the skill of facilitating Employment Supports, as well as inspire and motivate employment staff to new levels of performance and professionalism. Whether you are helping a family member or friend, or whether you are or plan to be, an employment specialist professional: this information can help you bring successful results to those you are assisting.

The course consists of five sections, including resources and sample forms:

1. Introduction to Community Employment

2. Assessment for the Job Seeker

3. Job Development

4. Job Analysis, Training & Job Coaching

5. Long-Term Supports, Customer Service & Review

  • Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Customized Employment