Developmental Disabilities Home‐ and Community‐Based Services Rate Development


The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services – Division of Developmental Disabilities (DHHS‐DDD) contracted with Navigant Consulting, Inc. to develop a new rate methodology that provides payments to providers for the delivery of developmental disabilities services through its home‐ and community‐based services (HCBS) waivers.  DHHS‐DDD renewed its HCBS adult waivers in 2010 and implemented interim rates for HCBS waiver services beginning January 1, 2011.  These interim rates will be replaced by the rate recommendations provided in this report.

Through the course of this analysis we completed a number of tasks to develop rates for the DHHS‐DDD HCBS waiver services.  We examined DHHS‐DDD’s historical payment methodology, met with providers and surveyed stakeholders to gather feedback about the current system, collected current cost and wage data from providers, researched rate methodologies used by other states and developed payment rates, as well as recommendations for DHHS‐DDD in transitioning to the new rates and for revising rates over time.

State Policies & Initiatives: 
Medicaid & Employment
  • Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Other
  • Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)
  • Navigant Consulting
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