Nevada Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities “Position on Employment”


State Policies & Initiatives: 
Systems-Change Funding

~~“Policy Recommendations:
• Remove barriers that create disincentives for people with developmental disabilities to find and maintain competitive employment (employment includes supported employment, job training and job coaching) with competitive wages in the community. These barriers may include: transportation, flexible options for on the job supports, and continued or potential health care benefits.
• Implement “Employment First” policies that transform the expectations of state agencies, service providers and people with developmental disabilities. Under “Employment First’, the expectation is that a person with a developmental or other disability can and wants to work, and a successful outcome is finding these individuals meaningful and gainful employment that meets their needs and interests by tailoring services to help them succeed in the workforce.
• Fully fund the state vocational rehabilitation (VR) program that are significantly underfunded to meet the employment needs of individuals with severe disabilities who need VR services to obtain employment.”

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