Amanda D., et al. v. Hassan, et al. Settlement Fact Sheet

New Hampshire

State Policies & Initiatives: 

The United States Department of Justice, a coalition of private plaintiff organizations, and the State of New Hampshire, have entered into a comprehensive Settlement Agreement that will transform New Hampshire’s mental health system by significantly expanding and enhancing mental health service capacity in integrated community settings. The Agreement will enable a class of adults with serious mental illness to receive needed services in the community, which will foster their independence and enable them to participate more fully in community life. The expanded and enhanced community services will significantly reduce visits to hospital emergency rooms and will avoid unnecessary institutionalization at State mental health facilities, including New Hampshire Hospital (“NHH”) (the State’s only psychiatric hospital) and the Glencliff Home (a State-owned and -operated nursing facility for people with mental illness). The Agreement requires the State to expand and enhance community services over the next six years. …

For the first time, the State will deliver supported employment services in accordance with the Dartmouth evidence-based model. These services will help enable individuals to obtain and maintain paid, competitive employment in integrated community settings. Over the life of the Agreement, this provision will impact thousands of people.
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