Medicaid State Plan

New Hampshire

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Medicaid & Employment

~~“Please note that the state plan does not contain extensive service details and requirements. This information should be obtained through the Department’s rules listed on the State of New Hampshire Administrative Rules website or via the DHHS online eligibility policy manual. Also note that changes to the state plan are ongoing and that the submittal and approval can span a long period of time. Therefore, there may always be pending state plan amendments (SPA’s) that are not reflected in this posted document. If this knowledge is critical to your research, please contact us. This state plan will be updated as approvals occur.
New Hampshire’s Medicaid State Plan, like all State Plans, is constantly changing and improving to ensure that its citizens are served. If you are reviewing the State Plan on this web page and have any questions about program eligibility, please contact Catrina French at (603) 271-9606, or via email at For any other questions such as services and reimbursement, please contact Diane Peterson at (603) 271-4367, or via email at ”

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