New Jersey Task Force on Improving Special Education for Public School Students Report

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The Task Force identified numerous topics relevant to the charges mandated by the legislation and requested and examined extensive data from the New Jersey Department of Education (Department), including federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) grant awards, special education student counts by eligibility category and placement, post-school outcomes, proficiency rates for students with disabilities, sample monitoring reports, dispute resolution activities, and private schools for students with disabilities. In addition, the Task Force invited speakers who presented on various topics including the following: funding, monitoring, approved private schools for students with disabilities, and the dispute resolution process. The Task Force also reviewed the reports of the previous task forces that have examined these issues. In October, the Task Force formed the following three subgroups, in order to expedite deliberations: Classifying, Educating, and Best Practice; Funding, Accountability, and Reducing Costs; and Standards and Oversight. Each subgroup designated a chair and a secretary to record minutes. The subgroups convened in addition to the Task Force meetings to discuss the assigned topics in more detail and develop recommendations for the Task Force’s consideration.

The Task Force is presenting 27 recommendations for consideration.

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