Vocational Rehabilitation 2018 Budget

New Jersey

~~“The Governor’s FY 2018 Budget Recommendation provides $108.5 million in State, federal and dedicated funding for VR Services.  This amount is $5.0 million less than the appropriations provided in FY 2017.  The decline reflects the proposed discontinuation of a language provision that appropriated $5.0 million from the dedicated Workforce Development Partnership Fund to VR Services. Of the $5.0 million, the language allocated $3.6 million for extended employment client slots transferred to the department from the DHS and $1.4 million for extended employment transportation.  According to Evaluation Data in the Governor’s FY 2018 Budget, the department anticipates 3,176 extended employment client slots in FY 2018, a decrease of 163 slots from FY 2015.  (page D-234).  In addition, the department anticipates appropriating $9,502 for each client in FY 2018, a $396 decrease from FY 2015

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