New Mexico Employment Awareness Month Proclamation (October 2014)

New Mexico

Whereas the state of New Mexico has begun a partnership of state agencies New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Services Division, and the New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation with the University of New Mexico to improve employment outcomes for individuals with intellectual disabilities, and
Whereas, the partnership includes a combination of University partners including the Center for Development and Disabilities, the University of New Mexico Hospital and the Anderson School of Management, and
Whereas, the employment of persons with intellectual disabilities advances a diverse workforce with benefits both to employees with intellectual disabilities and to businesses in New Mexico,
Now, Therefore, I, Susana Martinez, Governor of the state of New Mexico, do hereby proclaim October, 2014 as “Employment Disability Awareness Month” throughout the state of New Mexico, and encourage all businesses statewide to fully utilize the skills and talents that individuals with intellectual disabilities can bring to the workforce.


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  • Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
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  • Mental Health
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